Rice, chicken, curried turkey, ice cream and cake. 

Before you think me a grub. Calm down. The meal is for two. I didn’t eat all that. I couldn’t if I tried.

After saying that, I should mention I’ll be reviewing two places

Place 1; Blackbell Restaurant  

Address; Block 2, plot 69A, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Order 1; Jollof Rice, Chicken and curried Turkey

Order 2; Native Jollof Rice (which one is native again?) and peppered Turkey 


There’s little or no service as it’s a buffet themed restaurant. So as opposed to a waiter, you talk to a server. There was however a little traffic with getting what you want because of the Sunday lunch rush. But we racked up enough attention with our indecisiveness. I hope they remember me when I go back.



There wasn’t really any presentation because like I said, you get what you want right when you want it. But still they didn’t just dump the rice anywhere on the plate, so I guess there’s a presentation.



The Jollof rice was quite nice and had a healthy portion of condiments (vegetables and such), however my curried turkey (which I was told is nkwobi 😱) had too much seasoning. The chicken was quite massive though and a little bit dry but spiced perfectly.

The native Jollof rice happens to be more spicy but had no condiments 😬😠. Turkey was on point too. Well it’s really hard to go wrong with Turkey.



Decent and affordable. They serve large portions.


On a lighter note, I enjoyed my time there and had fun people watching and making up stories about them in my head. Except the part where we had to sit in the car under the sun because we couldn’t find the driver who parked behind us.

Yeah. That part I didn’t like.

Place 2; Hans & Rene

Address; Food court of the The Palms Mall, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Order; Chocolate and chocolate brownie sorbet and a slice of chocolate cake.

Service; Well I must say, I’m a bit partial when it comes to Hans & Rene because their customer service is impeccable. Or maybe I’m just overly friendly. 😁


Presentation; No presentation. But the cake and ice cream still managed to look good.

Taste; It’s chocolate, what can go wrong? Like I said, I’m partial!


Pricing; And here’s where my partiality stops. Hehe! A slice of cake was #1,500. That’s equivalent price of a thrifted dinner worthy dress.

Okay, maybe not. But still…



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