Eba and Seafood Okro from Utazi 

Place; Utazi Restaurant & Cafe

Address; 217B, Etim Iyang Cresent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Order; Eba and Seafood Okro



Service was nice and lovely. My friends and I got a nice waiter and even though they didn’t have more than half of the meals on their menu, it was understandable as we got there a close to their closing time. It however took thirty minutes for our meals to get done. 😱



Presentation was really nice but the portions of both the eba and soup was overwhelming for me. I ended up eating a quarter of it and taking the rest home.



Like I said in my previous post, I’m a GARRI lover so you would think I loved the eba? Nope. It was hard and didn’t sit well with my stomach. Also, to the best of my knowledge, the seafood okro wasn’t properly seasoned. Salt and Pepper were the obvious thing to me that was lacking. And when did eat the okro, I had an unsettled stomach for three days and felt nauseous while at it.

Bottom line, I won’t be going back or eating anything from them, especially this order anytime soon.



Decent and affordable. They serve large portions.

Here’s hoping I don’t have this experience anytime soon.


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