Latest Instagram Updates; Love or Loathe it? 


Instagram is that app that blessed our social media lives in 2010 and let’s you feel like the photographer you aren’t. 

It’s since moved on from being just a photo sharing app to a social media royalty. Brands can now drive conversations and market their product or services with a picture. News and gossip is instantaneous and sharing memories is easier.

How ever , once awhile, bugs are fixed, updates that everyone notices are pushed out. E.g. The post algorithm that prompted this picture.
Here are some recent Instagram Updates you may or may not know about;

Save posts and videos;

For me, this is was the update I was looking forward to. It makes things easier when you’re looking for a post as a reference point. Tapping on the ribbon icon let’s you see all the post you’ve saved. 👍

Control Ads you see;

Instagram is a free app and for it to remain such and still be able to pay it workers, paid ads (sponsored posts) have to be featured. But sometimes the frequency of the ads are too irritating or we have no interest whatsoever in them. Well you can now hide or remove ads you encounter on your Timeline. With reasons of course. 👍

Manage your filters by rearranging it. 

We all have that one or two or three filter on Instagram that takes your picture from zero to hundred with a tap and what’s the challenge sometimes can be finding the filter. Good news! You can now rearrange your filters from most likely to used to least likely to use. 👍

Remove tags of yourself from other people’s photos 

This one I love!!! You can now untag yourself from drab looking pictures and horribly embarrassing throwback pictures. Well, maybe not the throw back pictures. 👍💖

(Click on Post Options)

Upload more than one picture. 

This is one update I love as well as loathe. I love it because, it gives an alternative to picture spamming your timeline. You that thing you do when you upload ten different pictures of yourself in the same outfit but ten different poses? Yeah. That thing. 

I however loathe it because it’s now ten pictures in one post and because I care enough about you, I have to swipe left nine times. Argh. But I’ll take that over picture spamming any day. 👍💖😭👎

Too lazy to go to a post and wait for it to load? Tap on it and hold it down to see the picture. 

This update is especially handy when you’re skimming through the explore section but don’t want to actually visit posts you come across. 👍

Have more than one Instagram Account 

This is a life saver for social media managers how have to manage more than one account. Now you can have five accounts and swith from one to the other.  👍

Send disappearing messages 

Just like Sories, you can send messages that disappear in 24 hours. So don’t worry if you drunk chat your ex, they’ll have no proof about it in the next 24 hours. ;)👍

Which of these updates did you already know about and which ones did you just find out about? 

Do you love or loathe them?

Drop your comments below 👇👇👇👇👇


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