Who is a Social Media Marketer?

Since I started on this career path, I have gotten more than a few misconceptions about what it is I do. Ninety-five percent of the time, people just look at me like I’ve grown two heads, other times people think all I do is tweet, go on Facebook and amass fame in Instagram. While what I do as a social media marketer involves to a large extent, the above, it is not all I do.

Now because I know that as much as you would like to disagree with me, social media marketing is still quite an untapped reserve in Nigeria. While almost everyone has jumped on board the social media band wagon, the importance of a social media marketer has been overlooked by many brands. Whether that is because the idea being sold to them is the wrong one or because what the brands want in respect to social media is too shallow to even starch the surface of social media, I don’t know.

What I do however know is that Social media advertisement is different from Social Media Marketing.

Have I managed to get your head in a twist? Then unravel it with the following more detailed blog posts about Social Media Marketing;

DIGIBLOG – Social Media Marketinng in Nigeria, Truths and Lies

CONVIENCE & CONVERT – 11 Big Myths about Social Media and Content Marketing

Search Engine Land – What is Social Media Marketing?


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