How Buffer Saved My Life; LITERALLY

So here I was on a fateful Tuesday in my room trying to think of the next plot twist to add to my developing story, when my friend called me up and said, “There’s an opening for a Social media manager role in a firm.”

Then came the day for me to start my job. (We wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.)

It didn’t really dawn on me until I made my first post for the company on Instagram that this was a job and not a hobby. Needless to say, I failed (not so horribly) at my first attempt. I posted way too much on Instagram page and posted way too little on Facebook. By the middle of the week, I was told I had to include the company’s Google Plus page, LinkedIn page and even the boss’s Social Media. So of course I started to get overwhelmed.

Luckily, my boss has had a little enlightenment from a course which he took. There he heard of Sniply and IFTTT. I remember preparing my first IFTTT recipe for Instagram and seeing the buffer logo come up. Then curiosity got the best of me and I started on the path to being best friends with Buffer.

I remember the post I scheduled on Buffer and how awesome and bad-ass it felt to know that I can sleep easy knowing that the company page would still be active. This doesn’t however mean that I get to be lazy about my duties. No it meant that I can have inspiration hit me at four o’clock in the morning and curate content for the next three days. It meant that not only do I get to curate content, I can also automate them immediately.

I instantly became the star of the office.

It also helped that the staff at Buffer didn’t just leave me to find my way but guided me through. Special Thanks though to them (every single one of you that took time out to answer my questions, encourage me and help with my challenges.)

Now, I’m not were I want to be when it comes to a career in social media but I’m staedily on my way there.

Thanks Buffer!



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